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December Update:

Hello everyone, I feel like Ive been M.I.A. lately on my website, so I thought I would update you all on what’s up in my world. A few weeks ago I was scheduled to have shoulder replacement surgery which ended up being cancelled due to a ‘suspicious lump’ on my arm. We all thought this was a bug bite, but it turned up to be MRSA that somehow came to the surface of my arm. I have gotten the MRSA removed and I am healing well. Thank you all for the kind words on my Facebook.

The holidays flew by this year didn’t they, heck, this whole year went by in a flash. I hope everyone is staying safe during Christmas time.

The book is coming along well, we hope to make lots of progress on it this next year. I am glad to see a lot of interest in it through your messages on my Facebook. I hope to have an estimated completion date of the book within a few more months.

Speaking of books my buddy Jaime Aron wrote a great book that is so accurate and interesting, if you haven’t checked it out you really should. Click here to buy it on Amazon!

Happy Holidays,



Radio Show


Here is a link to my radio show, just click that link and download it to listen 🙂 (the interview starts about 3 minutes into the interview)
Thank you to The Final Word for having me on!


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Q&A pt. 2

Hello everyone, I have gotten so many questions on here and through my Facebook so i saved them all and compiled them into one huge questionnaire which I will answer here. I want to thank all of you for asking me things and staying interested 🙂

Here we go!

What was the interaction between the NFL players and referees?
Well we were very cautions around them, I was so scared to get in trouble for the littlest things and watched every move I made. It seemed like every time I hit someone I went back to help them get up.

How bout “concussions” back in your day – i bet there was a lot!
Lets just say I don’t particularly remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

The Cowboys under Landry versus the Cowboys now?
The Cowboys back then were almost perfection, I don’t want to brag but we really had our stuff down, now it seems like they are just trying to get to the top.

How was growing up in Amityville?
It wasn’t glamorous, it mostly consisted of playing sports, going to the beach and getting in a lot of trouble all the time.

Who was the nastiest defensive linemen of your era?
Dick Butkus, he was an unbelievable player.

Who helped you become the great player you were, and who were you able to mentor?
Bob Lilly. And as for mentoring I really more mentored myself. We more helped each other out than mentor, there were some great players I was with and we all sort of needed a little help in some areas.

What has John been up too since retiring?
Well, I got married, and I have 2 girls, I work for Arrow Magnolia International selling chemicals and have just been hangin’ out.

What difference would Landry make on todays players?
Discipline, I’m not saying they aren’t, but it would be a lot different. And there would be split second absolute perfection. And he would put up with any bull.

Who was the best offensive player?
Roger Staubach, mostly because he had to come up with plays on his own and was kind of the pack leader in a sense.

What do you think of the rule changes to protect offensive players?
I think its smart because its a balancing act, you don’t want to make it too lopsided. You are talking about the lively hood of a player and you want to protect him, he brings the crowd in and makes the game exciting.

How tough was Tex Schramm during contract negotiations?
A ruthless bear.

What is the one memory about playing for Coach Landry that stands out the most?
Probably carrying him off the field after the Superbowl, and seeing the huge smile on his face. It was a closure to a long uphill battle.

How can fans of the retired players help with contributing to an organization that helps them?
Well right now you can keep up and educate friends about the NFL Retiree Rights and Benefits fight that is going on right now, learn more here.

Who was the more emotional coach,Tom Landry or Lou Howard?
Defiantly Lou.


A Good Laugh

Many dont know this but in 1974 I was in a horror film called Horror High.

Here is the trailer.

You can see me from 1:32-1:40.

Now I know you all are now saying “John you should have become an actor that was amazing!”, just kidding. Anyways, I thought I would give you something to laugh about.

Have a good day


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Week of Feb. 14th

Happy late Valentines Day everyone, hope you and your sweetheart had a great one.
As we all know Green Bay won the Super Bowl, it was a really great game guys, congrats. Someone emailed me this story and I thought I would share, its the story of the Packers. Click the blue link below.

Packers Story

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School Of The Legends

Hey guys!

I hope your 2011 is going along great so far, it has been very cold here in Dallas and we got some snow yesterday, that was pretty nice.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now on School of the Legends! It is a fairly new website when players and fans can interact with each other and maximize the football experience! Its sort of like Facebook, but on the site are current and former players in the NFL, as well as fans.
It is completely free and a generally really cool website, you can view live feed of players talking to each other and tons of other interesting features.

To join visit to get started! Tell your friends and other fans to get involved also! Its a huge community with so many ways to connect with your favorite players!


December 30th Update

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so M.I.A. lately! I hope all of you had a great Christmas and are all excited for 2011! Its been rainy and groggy here the last few days in Dallas so it doesn’t really feel “holiday-y” at all.

Maybe you have noticed but I now have a Store! You can now buy my bubblegum cards and have them personalized to you or a friend! New things will be added to the store soon like large glossy photos, and maybe some Cowboy clothing. But there are definitely things in there now! To look at my shop just click the “SHOP” tab at the top of my site.

Happy Holidays

John Niland

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Questions Answered Pt. 2

Do you recall and I’m sure you do any special highlights of your college and professional football career? I’m curious because there’s always something significant happening in peoples’ lives. Appreciate it. Thanks! Merry Christmas!
Yes I do recall many, the biggest highlight of college was just making it through all four years, and as for playing professionally, I couldn’t choose a moment, each and every part was very special to me.

I am an avid Cowboys memorabilia collector. I have been a fan for 42 of my 47 years. What is one piece of memorabilia from your playing days that you value the most?
Thanks for this opportunity and God Bless.

I would have to say my helmet. You can buy cards and pictures but my helmet couldn’t be replaced.

Mr. Niland:
I was so saddened to hear of Don Meredith’s passing.
I wish he had written his biography because he had so many fans who would love to know more about him. I understand you are writing your biography and I am very happy to hear that. Can you tell us how it’s going, do you have a publisher, and when might it be printed?
I’m a fan of the “old school” Cowboys. Guys like yourself, Meredith, Don Perkins, Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, etc. are the ones who truly turned the Cowboys into “America’s Team”. I would love to read more about your own background and your time with the Cowboys of the 60s.
Best wishes to you and your family — may you have a Blessed Christmas!
Fred Goodwin

My book should be out sometime next year, I will continue to update everyone about it as time goes on. I have someone writing and gathering all the information for me and she is doing a great job so far. Everything about my life will be in my book, so when you read it you will find out a lot of things you may have not known.

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Questions Answered

John, may I ask if you sign autographs via the mail? And if so, how can I find you?
Thanks again!

I charge 10 dollars for an autograph and I donate that money to my favorite charities. You can send it to 2646 Rodney Lane, Dallas, TX 75229 and I will return it promptly if you include a return prepaid envelope.

Hi John!
Its an honor to ask you a question! I wanted to know what your favorite memory, most significant memory playing for the Cowboys? Also, who did you enjoy playing with the most or for?
Thanks for your legacy!
A lifelong Cowboys fan,

My favorite memory was having my parents see me play before they passed. My most significant memory was Super Bowl V, against the Baltimore Colts. I enjoyed playing with Don Meredith, I missed a block against the Washington Redskins defensive player and that put Meredith out of the game with a bone crushing tackle and Don retired that same year. Crying after the game I thought “shame on me”.

I am glad for the win but I am still worried about this team’s defense. I hope we can find some DB help in the draft. What do you think is the team’s biggest weakness?

Leadership, defiantly leadership.


Update week of December 13th

This last Sunday I took my family to the Cowboy game. It was really nice to go with everyone and for my kids to see the new stadium. At the half time show they were honoring all the Cowboy alumni and I got to walk out to the field with my “decade”, which was very nostalgic. It just wasn’t the same without Don. They did a moment of silence before the game for him and I thought that was very respectful of Jerry. Well, Christmas is only days away; crazy how fast time flies. Ill try and do an update next week, it may be late in the week though, I’m pretty busy this next week!

Happy Holidays

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