Feb. 6th

As the family sits down and friends gather around the TV its hard to think about anything other than football on Super Bowl day. I would like to bring your attention on an ad that was REJECTED from playing during the commercial break at this years Super Bowl.

“The NFL and NFLPA have turned their backs on those who helped pave the way to the golden highway that both the owners and the current players now enjoy driving down.”

This is an issue that I have personally dealt with myself. I played 15 years in the NFL and I am outraged that this matter has been pushed aside for so many years. There are thousands of retired players dealing with the fact that the NFL will not pay disability to the men that started the game that has become an icon of America itself.

I hope you show this to friends and family and raise awareness on this issue.

Get Us Paid.

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  • Rob Vail
    February 16, 2011 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

    Wow John,

    As a fan of the Cowboys and the NFL for more than four decades I have long felt that the veterans who I grew up watching and idolizing as a kid have gotten the short end of the stick in all of these CBAs. It is a shame that the men who built the greatest league and sport in history have been ignored. I think at the bear minimum there should be some contributions to a fund that the NFL as well as the current players contribute to each year that is tied to the CBA.

    Instead of the outrageous salaries they are paying to unproven rookies, some of that money should go to some kind of retired players fund.

    In lieu of that, are there any independent funds or organizations that specifically help out retired players?

    And thanks for bringing this to our attention. Would you post this video on Facebook?


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