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John, may I ask if you sign autographs via the mail? And if so, how can I find you?
Thanks again!

I charge 10 dollars for an autograph and I donate that money to my favorite charities. You can send it to 2646 Rodney Lane, Dallas, TX 75229 and I will return it promptly if you include a return prepaid envelope.

Hi John!
Its an honor to ask you a question! I wanted to know what your favorite memory, most significant memory playing for the Cowboys? Also, who did you enjoy playing with the most or for?
Thanks for your legacy!
A lifelong Cowboys fan,

My favorite memory was having my parents see me play before they passed. My most significant memory was Super Bowl V, against the Baltimore Colts. I enjoyed playing with Don Meredith, I missed a block against the Washington Redskins defensive player and that put Meredith out of the game with a bone crushing tackle and Don retired that same year. Crying after the game I thought “shame on me”.

I am glad for the win but I am still worried about this team’s defense. I hope we can find some DB help in the draft. What do you think is the team’s biggest weakness?

Leadership, defiantly leadership.

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    Mr. Niland:

    I was so saddened to hear of Don Meredith’s passing.

    I wish he had written his biography because he had so many fans who would love to know more about him. I understand you are writing your biography and I am very happy to hear that. Can you tell us how it’s going, do you have a publisher, and when might it be printed?

    I’m a fan of the “old school” Cowboys. Guys like yourself, Meredith, Don Perkins, Bob Lilly, Bob Hayes, etc. are the ones who truly turned the Cowboys into “America’s Team”. I would love to read more about your own background and your time with the Cowboys of the 60s.

    Best wishes to you and your family — may you have a Blessed Christmas!

    Fred Goodwin
    Salem, OR

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