Week of July 14th

Hello everyone, sorry for the complete lack of posts here recently, I’m going to get back into the swing of things now.

Texas heat is scorching and has been driving everyone inside leaving us nothing to do. I hope everyone’s summer is going well.

I have been recently active in the recent Retired Players Benefits & Pensions Lawsuit against the NFL. If you haven’t heard about it check out Dave Pear’s Blog where he is consistently keeping everyone up to date about the lawsuit. If you haven’t heard about the lawsuit I would strongly suggest you inform yourself and tell your friends what it is all about.
I have posted things about this before but I will again right now.


We aren’t asking for much, we are just wanting what we deserve.

How You Can Help: Click on the Like button on YouTube, as well as passing these videos along to all of your friends. You can also post our video links to your Facebook page if you have a Facebook account and Tweet it to Twitter. And please be sure to click on the Sign Our Petition link here.

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