Week of November 15th

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website! This is officially my first post with many more to come. I have been wanting a website for a long time and finally got around to getting the help to start one. I plan to update every week about the things I am doing and the progress of my book. I will also be sharing my thoughts on some Cowboy news as well!

To start off I would like to say thank you BleacherReport.com for naming me one of the Top Dallas Cowboy’s Players! You can visit the article here.

I also did an interview with NBCDFW.com which you can watch here.

The weekend of Halloween I went to the 2010 Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash. I took my whole family and had a lot of fun. I got to do a short speech supporting the foundation  and all that they do. If you get the chance you should check out their website and donate, it is a really great cause that I stand for 100%.

Bone Bash

I also recently signed some Cowboy Stadium chairs for Kids Matter, a great non-profit organization “whose mission is to empower youth and families with tools to effectively manage the stressors of everyday life through programming, education, and collaboration.” You can visit their website as well. Here are some photos of the chairs.

I thought it was kind of funny that they gave me number 7 and 6.

I met Jen Wenter at a signing recently. Shes a great Pro Football player..AND shes a girl! Check her out at www.jenwelter.com, its really cool to know there are some girl players out there with as much ambition to play as some men.

I am taking some Cowboy fans on Sunday to the game, they won an auction at the Bone Bash and I am delighted to take them! Im off to get my car ready, I will be personally picking them up and taking them to the stadium. Hopefully the Boys will step their game up!! I have added tons of new photos to the “John Niland Photos” tab at the top of the website for all of ya’ll.

No Women, No Sport;
John Niland

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